Why men should invest in women?


Yann Borgstedt

Founder of The Womanity Foundation
WikiStage Empow'Her

WikiStage Empow'Her

Paris, France. 2015

Who are we? Empow'Her is a French public interest organization, founded in 2011,...

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"I'm a firm believer that media can be a tool to change the perception that men have on women."

"A lot of programs that we [at the Womanity Foundation] are doing is, we start things and we collaborate with people. That's been the big frustration for me in philanthropy, there are not enough people collaborating together and too many people doing the same thing."

"We have a program to help social entrepreneurs scale their impact, with consulting firms although we initially started with pro bono."

"For girls' education we have two programs in two countries. First one is in Afghanistan, where we transform state schools into model schools. We don't do what the government should do, which is paying the teachers and the infrastructures. We train the teachers, we develop the curriculum with them and we bring other activities like introducing sports into women schools. [...] We believe in giving the same chances."