WikiStage ESCP Europe - London. London, United Kingdom, 2015

Vicky Pryce at WikiStage ESCP Europe 2015 London on women in business
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It's pretty extraordinary for an ex-offender to walk into a top government job just a few months after leaving jail. But then Vicky Pryce is no ordinary ex-offender. She spent nine weeks in prison for accepting points on her driving licence for her husband (former cabinet minister). Always one to find a silver lining, she wrote a book about her experience, Prisonomics. "What we should be doing is closing most of our prisons and letting those people out". Vicky makes an impassioned plea to rethink our penal system. She evaluates the massive costs of incarcerating women, social, financial and emotional, drawing on her own experience, she argues it is time for change.
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